Q: Why “soap”?

A: When pondering what to name our guitars, and beginning to prototype them, we set out to invoke a feeling of “clean” and “smooth” (simple in design and comfortable to play). Our guitars are just that – clean and smooth, like soap – and so our name was born. Also, the colors and patterns in our guitars come from the use of pigments and powders often used in actual traditional soap making. Lastly, to add to the overall theme of our guitars, we decided that each guitar would come with a bar of “soap” (made from the same wood as the guitar, matching in color and pattern); a fun collectible to make each player’s purchase unique & interesting.

Q: Do you plan to offer customizable models made-to-order (wood selection, hardware, electronics, etc.)?

A: As of right now, it is extremely difficult to source woods (in mass quantities) sorted in the dimensions required to produce our guitars (which is why most other guitar manufacturers resort to sectioning/gluing multiple pieces together). However, we plan to survey our prospective customers and followers on social media (or via the occasional email survey) to get a sense of the most desirable configurations (including pickup and hardware options) and will release limited runs of guitars with the most desirable configurations. To join in on the process, follow us on Instagram and TikTok.

Q: Are you planning to release other models?

A: Right now, we are very proud of (and focused on) the S1 model, having spent an exhaustive amount of time designing, engineering, and testing it with players. However, we are very excited about releasing other/future models, and will likely base those models on customer feedback/demand, including any interest in 7 string models, different tremolo systems, pickup configurations, and more. Stay tuned.

Q: Do you plan to make basses?

A: Absolutely. As of now, we are slowly accumulating lumber in the needed dimensions to produce basses that are constructed in the same way as our guitars (solid wood, full width, no sectioning). This is even more difficult than sourcing wood for our guitars, as wood wide enough is hard to come by. But rest assured, we occasionally come across proper pieces and we are setting them aside for basses.

Q: Carving guitars from solid slabs of wood seems like it would be wasteful. What do you do with the excess wood?

A: We’ve engineered our guitars to use the leftover/negative space of the wood slab(s) to be used for case building; the excess wood is used to form-fit the guitar inside of its own case. Additionally, we plan to use any excess wood to manufacture a variety of accessories and/or trinkets. Overall, we have not, and will never intentionally waste any wood with our manufacturing processes.

Q: Are your guitars made in the U.S.?

A: Yes. We currently operate out of Denver, Colorado, and intend to keep it that way. All of our woods are sourced from local lumber suppliers. The components we use (like pickups and hardware) may be manufactured overseas so we encourage you to research/inquire with those companies as to whether or not their products are made in the U.S. If you believe we carry any components from companies that use unfair labor practices and/or lack in overall quality, please let us know.

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