Introducing the S1 – Launching in 2024 (TBA)

We’ve spent countless hours of research & development in designing the sleekest, lightest, most comfortable guitar you’ll ever play. Along with its stunning beauty and ergonomic design, the S1 is a mere 1.25″ thick*, and only weighs 5.2 lbs.**. And its chambered body neck-through construction uses solid wood (no glued sectioning of the neck or body) for optimal tone & resonance.

*± depending on coatings & finishes, the average is 1.257″
**± depending on the wood species and coatings & finishes used, the average is 5.295 lbs.

soap guitar front back horizontal
soap guitar front back

Less Is More

The S1 uses minimal parts (hardware, electronics, screws, nuts & bolts), while still maintaining essential functionality and fitting everything flush and fashionably. On the front, you’ll find a recess-mounted push-button pickup selector for quicker, more intuitive pickup changes and a volume slider that allows for smoother volume transitions. On the back, you’ll find a truly unique neck profile with a one-of-a-kind tapered thumb groove, and magnet-locking backplates (screwless) for quick access to the electronics and active pickup battery. These key components, along with many other exclusive features and overall instinctive design, make the S1 a more immersive experience for players. You have to play it to believe it.

Artfully Engineered

Unparalleled Design – front to back, top to bottom, the S1 is sleek, stunning, and purposefully engineered to feel unlike any other guitar.

Exceptional Playability – the solo pocket allows ample room to hit high frets, and the one-of-a-kind neck with tapered thumb groove increases comfort and minimizes fatigue.

Functional Form – the upper horn is designed so that your strap lays flat/formed to the front of your body (instead of twisting 90° like most guitars).

Ultra Lightweight – thinner and lighter than most guitars, the S1 is 40-50% thinner and 50-75% lighter than most common guitars (such as a Stratocaster© or Les Paul™).

Intuitive – quick tap pickup selector conveniently located and recessed beside/just below the bridge pickup for fast & seamless pickup changes. And a slider for smooth volume transitions, strategically located behind the bridge for easy access while playing.

Clever Mechanics – the tuners are recess-mounted from the front/top and cleverly aligned so that the post holes are angled properly with the nut slots and the strings are directly in line with the posts, allowing for quick stringing and precision tuning.

Low Maintenance – magnet locking backplates for quick (screwless) access to the battery, pickups, and other components.

Unobtrusive – the recessed jack input is designed to be unseen while unplugged, and ideal for routing your cable or wireless when plugged in/playing.

Unique Extras – each S1 comes in its own unique case (cut from the same wood as the guitar itself, individually numbered) and matching soap bar.

soap guitars colors wide
soap guitars colors mobile

Personality Personified

With stunning wood grains and flawless finishes in numerous colors and texture combinations, each S1 is guaranteed to be unique. We use the most exceptional materials we can find and only the finest finishing products to show off the guitar’s organic beauty. And with solidly bright binding that wraps the entire perimeter of the guitar, it truly stands out among the crowd.

soap guitars S1

Superior Assembly

• Solid Construction – top and bottom, neck and body, are complete/full pieces (no sectioning)

• Quality Materials – from Babinga, Purple Heart, and Richlite tops to Walnut, Maple, and African Mahogany bottoms (and many other equally beautiful + strong materials)

• Chambered Body – for weight reduction, balance, and optimal sound

Carbon Fiber Rod Reinforced neck and carbon fiber plate reinforced upper horn & headstock for strength and rigidity

• Fully Adjustable Dual Action Truss Rod – accessible via quick-access backplate for easy adjustments

• Flawless Finish – we use only the finest finishing products to show off the wood’s natural beauty and protect the guitar from wear & tear

Ergonomic Design

• Neck-Through Level Design – the neck, nut, bridge, and pickups are ultra low-profile, placing the strings as close to the guitar as possible, maximizing resonance and reducing any protrusions while picking or finger-playing

• Ultra Slim Body – clocking in at only ±1.25″ thick and ±5.2 lbs. (depending on woods and finishes used), you’ll feel like you’re playing air guitar

• Ultimate Comfort Strap/Button Design – the upper horn is designed so that your strap lays flat/formed to the front of your body (instead of twisting 90° like most guitars)

• Uniquely Shaped Neck Back & Thumb Groove – graded radius neck back for a different feel between the top & bottom/rhythm & solo playing, and a tapered thumb groove spanning the length of the neck for a unique feel & increased playability

Quality Components

• Hipshot™ Hardware – Grip-Lock™ closed tuning machines (with Industrial SK1 knurled tuning buttons) and a recessed Hipshot Hardtail Bridge

• EMG™ Pickups – our base model currently uses an EMG 81 active humbucker (bridge position) and an EMG SA active single-coil (middle/neck position) for exceptional versatility

• Stainless Steel Jumbo Frets – no impact on the tone and are tough as nails, these frets provide a super smooth and glassy feel

• D’Addario™ Universal Strap Lock System, designed by Ned Steinberger

• Individual-String-Height-Adjustable Titanium Alloy Nut

• Super Shield™ Silver Coated Copper Conductive Shielding for reducing electromagnetic interference

soap guitars S1 guitar
soap guitars S1 guitar brand

From Slab To Fab

The S1’s top and bottom are made from solid pieces (no glued sectioning of the neck or body) for incomparable tone & resonance. The case is made from the guitar’s negative space (leftover material) to reduce waste (not to mention, it looks badass). And each case comes individually numbered (to match the guitar’s serial number) and with its own soap bar, all made from the original materials used to produce the guitar.

Final Specs (Base Model)

Scale Length: 25.5″

Overall Length: 38.3″

Body Width: 12.7″

Neck Width: 1.7-2.28″ (43-58mm)

Neck Thickness: .8″ (21mm)

Fretboard Radius: 16″

Frets: 2.9mm Stainless Steel

Bridge: .430″ (11mm) Hipshot™ Hardtail

Tuners: .750″ (19mm) Hipshot Grip-Lock™

Nut: 43mm Individual-String-Height-Adjustable Titanium Alloy

Truss Rod: 20″ (510mm) 2-Way Adjustable

String Tree: Reverend™ Triple Tree

Bridge Pickup: EMG™ 81 Active Humbucker

Middle/Neck Pickup: EMG™ SA Active Single Coil

Control: 19mm Latching Push Button Switch (2-Way)

Volume: 75mm (60mm Travel) Linear Slide Potentiometer

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